Fresh Lobster

For the last year or so I've been passing a little lane in the New Forest which says, "Fresh Lobster and Crab, Live and Cooked".  I can't think why I haven't checked it out yet, although to date my experience of New Forest's food producers has been pretty disappointing - there are a few amazing places like Laverstock, but lots of the produce seems to disappear straight to London.

at The Bertinet Kitchen : Sardinian Cookery

I recently attended a Sardinian cookery course at The Bertinet Kitchen in Bath.

Richard Bertinet is famed for his unconventional bread cookery techniques, which involve incorporating air into the dough, rather than whacking it out at every opportunity. The cookery school is based on two floors, and Richard runs a number of bread courses on one level, while a variety of guest chefs teach on the first floor.

Our course was led by Silvanna de Soissans, who's a very cheerful and colourful Italian, with her own blog and catering business. Before we began the business of making lunch, like all good foodies, we started with coffee, and toast for those who wanted it.