Fregola Sarda, with a Salsa Verde Dressing

Fregola Sarda is a form of pasta from Sardinia, similar to Israeli couscous, or giant couscous, but toasted in an oven which gives it an additional dimension. If you can’t find fregola sarda, you could substitute giant couscous.

Tangilicious Tamarillo Tart Tatin

I'm crazy about tamarillos, but since I've tried them cooked, I'm coming up with all manner of ways of using them... Their high glutamate content particularly suits the roasting or caramelisation process, which makes me think of tart tatins. I'm not crazy about the apple version, which can be very sweet, but I have made plum and tomato versions quite often. Tamarillos seem like the perfect variation, especially as their tartness lends itself to the process.

Doughnuts, made the Justin Gellatly way...

Amazingly, I've only made doughnuts twice before and both times the results were very disappointing, and certainly not worth repeating.  I knew I'd followed the instructions properly, so something else was going wrong.  Hmmn. Maybe doughnuts weren't for me.