Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing [Thermomix]

I've been making a lot of macarons lately, and when I'm completely happy with the process, I'll put a post up.  But in the meantime I've come to realise that whilst a perfect macaron shell is lovely, actually what the majority of people remember are the fillings.  Macarons are vehicles for flavour, and I guarantee most people won't know if your 'feet' have separated, or your shells are hollow.  What they will remember is the texture! 

Agar gels... A possible filling for macaron?

We've all seen them dotted around the plates of certain chefs, but when Nigel Haworth had an agar gel on the BBC's Saturday Kitchen, it suddenly seemed very mainstream.  Had to make one didn't I? I have lots of recipes for agar gel, but I thought I'd make this one, using blackberries instead of blackcurrants.

Halibut, with Salsa Verde and a Citrus Dressing...

I have finally found a decent fish supplier - hurrah! Despite the fact that I live less than three miles from a harbour, it's almost impossible to buy fish locally.  I think most of it seems to disappears straight out of the town. I was bemoaning this fact to Matthew at the michelin starred Montagu Arms, and he introduced me to their suppliers - Premier Fish... A quick look on their web site sent me into small ecstasies - there's brill, turbot, halibut, lobster, prawns, clams, anything you can think of - fabulous.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something "big", so, meet my chum, the 3kg halibut, dubbed Herbert by the 11 year old.

Thai Steamed Palourde Clams...

Seriously, I'm not sure that there could be a faster or more delicious supper, or perhaps starter.  The entire thing takes no more than ten minutes to make!  As long as you have good palourdes (or mussels, razor clams, etc), you're good to go!  In fact this is so easy, I'm getting the 11yo to cook it.