discusses Snail Caviar with Clare, as handled at El Bulli

Just lately we've been debating the taste and function of snail caviar on twitter. This prompted my good chum Clare to dust off her notes from El Bulli, where she had eaten said caviar. This is an excerpt from those notes, and my thanks to her! 


Craig: They’re soft and warm and you can pop them

Keiron: I taste rosemary

Erica. Its very subtle

Clare…oh my god, that’s good

Erica… you’re weird

Craig… they’re more like little bath salts…. they pop in your mouth if you try hard enough to squeeze them between your teeth

Darren… they’re really quite nice, the rosemary is fantastic, I don’t usually like snails… but…


I think all we can conclude is that no-one hated them, and some people really rather liked them.  Do you still fancy trying them? Let me know how you get on :0)