Vanilla-Ice Cream, and Chocolate Ice-Cream

Yes, I'm still making ice-cream at a ridiculous rate since I got the Thermomix, but it's now so easy I'm determined never to buy another tub of ice-cream again.  This way I know exactly what's gone into it!

First up, vanilla...

1 vanilla bean
475ml whole milk
150g granulated sugar
4 large egg yolks
240 ml double cream
1 tsp pure vanilla extract.

Hey, it's a thermomix recipe - first I pulse a whole vanilla bean with the sugar, then put everything in, cook to 80ºC, speed 5, for around 11 minutes in my case.  Do make sure the custard reaches 80ºC.  Strain it, preferably into a bowl over ice, and chill in the fridge.  When cool, churn in your ice-cream machine until the consistency is right, then set in the freezer.

Using exactly the same technique, chocolate... 

475ml whole milk
2 Tbs and 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I used the Green & Blacks)
Pinch of salt
170g good quality chocolate.  I used Valrhona 68% cocoa solids
4 large egg yolks
200g granulated sugar
240ml double cream
1 tsp pure vanilla extract.

Just omit the stage with the vanilla, and carry on as above.

Vanilla Ice-Cream

Valrhona Chocolate Ice-Cream (slightly melting :0)