Hibiscus Flower Ice-Cream [Thermomix]

Having made the lavender ice-cream so easily, I thought I should see what else I could do with my thermomix!  This time hibiscus flower ice-cream.


1 jar of wild hibiscus flowers in syrup (140g?)
280ml whole milk
290ml double cream 
5 large organic egg yolks
100g caster sugar 
1 Tbsp hibiscus flower tea liquer

Having adjusted down the liquid ingredients a little to accommodate the hibiscus flower quantities, I pulsed the hibiscus flowers down to a puree before adding all of the other ingredients.  Then I cooked it at 80ºC for 10 minutes, speed 5, checking it after 8 minutes to see if it had reached 80ºC.  Leave it to cool, then pop into your ice-cream maker until it reaches the desired consistency.  The ice-cream will have a strange grey-pink colour, so I boosted mine with a tiny bit of red colour paste, but it tastes yummy all the same.  Thought I might serve it with a pistachio soufflé...

Wild hibiscus flower ice-cream