Flavoured Butter [Thermomix]

Of course we all know how to make flavoured butter, but in the Thermomix it's even more insanely easy! Today I made on flavoured with 1 lime, 1 lemon, and 1 blood orange, then chopped some herbs into it.  Used it to pop under the breast skin of my roast chicken - yum yum.

Look, this is my chicken before it even went in the oven - but it's also a cornfed chicken, so the skin is already golden :0) Of course forgot to photo it when it came out... But you get the idea.  And yes, I loosen out all of the joints to ensure even cooking, which means I cut off the end of the wing so it doesn't stick into the breast.

Then I popped all the herbs I hadn't used this weekend into the Thermomix, put in 1kg of butter, cooked / chopped it at 57ºC for 10 minutes.  Perfect herb butter.

Come on, who wouldn't want that on their fish? Or a quick version of Omelette aux Fines Herbes?